Tips For Picking The Best Dog Collar

Dog collars are a necessity for any dog owner. They can be used to identify your dog when they get lost, keep them from running away. But with so many different types of collars out there it’s hard to know which one is the best fit for you and your pup!

Choose the right size

The best way to determine what size collar your dog needs is to measure their neck. Start by finding where their collar rests when standing and then add 2 inches. This will be the right circumference for your pup’s collar!

Leather or nylon?

While leather collars are usually more expensive, they last much longer than a nylon version and can handle large amounts of pressure if you need them to. On the other hand, nylon collars tend to be cheaper and come in different colors and patterns at most pet stores.

Extra bells and whistles

If you want extras from your dog collar such as a light-up rainproof tag or a nameplate with phone numbers on it, make sure that the product has either a metal buckle or a plastic buckle that can’t be chewed apart. If you’re looking for an LED light-up collar, look for ones with a metal D-ring so it will hold up better to pulling and tugging.

Look into budget

Although top-quality dog collars usually cost more, by keeping your eye open you can find great deals at pet stores and through online retailers like Petco! Ask a sales associate about any sales going on before making a purchase. Also, consider checking out sites like eBay where there are tons of name-brand styles at cheaper prices!

Determine the purpose of the collar

Before buying a collar, it’s important to determine what you’ll be using it for. If your dog is prone to running away then a harness might be a better fit as opposed to a collar. If your pup likes to swim then make sure to get a waterproof and/or rust-proof collar. If you’re looking for something decorative or simply to hold up your dog’s ID tags, there are many different types of collars to choose from!

Ask a professional

If you need help picking out the perfect collar, ask a store associate for assistance. They will be able to point you in the right direction and even show you which ones they use on their own pets!

Final words

So many dog owners struggle with finding the right type of collar for their dogs. To find one that fits your pet perfectly, use the above-mentioned tips.

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